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The first recorded use of incense was by the Egyptians during the Fifth Dynasty, 2345-2494 BC. Incense use in religious ritual was either further or simultaneously developed in China, and eventually transmitted to Korea, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines. Incense holds an invaluable role in East Asian Buddhist ceremonies and rites as well as in those of Chinese Taoist and Japanese Shinto shrines. It is reputed to be a method of purifying the surroundings, bringing forth an assembly of buddhas, bodhisattvas, gods, demons, and the like.

Candles and Incense

Ceridwen’s Cauldron stocks a veriety of candles, and incense.

We offer decorated candles as well as ordinary coloured, and black and white dinner candles

Tapered candles are on offer and you will be delighted with the unusual candles in cups.

Incense is imported from India in both stick and cone varieties.

We we also offer handmade smudge sticks

We have lamps for burning the coals and frankincense blocks that are on sale as well as a variety of incense holders in wood and soapstone. Also available are incense and oil burners and candle snuffers.

Incense has been used for countless years in many different cultures for important events; in fact, it’s probably the most widely used ceremonial tradition ever created.

From funerals, to religious events, to just good house keeping and purifying, incense has proved its worth time and again- especially when you consider the use of traditional scents such as nag champa, jasmine, frankincense and sandalwood.

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