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We stock an interesting though, at the moment,

small range of jewellery in Ceridwen’s Cauldron.

Stock is being sourced from India and some pieces can be ordered per request.

There is unique handmade jewellery from local suppliers and also some crystal jewellery - for example bracelets and rings.

Development of early jewellery can be roughly divided across three ancient civilizations - Egypt, India and China. Egypt and Mesopotamia set standards in metallurgy, gem collecting, and glass manufacture. Their several thousand year long tradition of jewellery production laid a solid foundation for all European civilizations that came after them, and their unique style affected fashion trends even four thousand years later.

India however managed to develop such a connection to jewellery that it became integral part of their daily life and religion.

Since they were the first who managed to conquer the art of gold gathering and processing, they develop art of jewel making much earlier than anyone in their environment.